rose  \ ˈrōz  \; risen\ ˈri-​zᵊn  \; rising\ ˈrī-​ziŋ  \

definition of rise

: to come into being

Marketing and Branding

Digital Marketing

From website design, search engine optimization, and paid digital marketing campaigns, we offer solutions for your strategies in one place. When we develop a website, we build with search engines, the potential customer, and conversions in mind. We create websites that abide by the latest algorithm updates from search engines, Google being the leader of such. We put the right content in the right areas, ensuring that we are optimized for all screen sizes. We design websites that create conversions. Conversions are actions taken on your site like making a call, filling out a form, downloading information or making a purchase. Rose Concepts utilizes an “analytics first” approach to craft digital marketing strategies that are as unique as your business. Your website will look fantastic, and will be effective with the potential customer in mind. Working with your team and ours, we will start this process by analyzing historical website data to learn how users engaged in the past, and how that factored into the desired performance like visits, and overall engagement. If we do not have a baseline, we’ll create reasonable goals that are reported on a regular basis.

With this method, we have been able to almost instantly create better digital sales funnels and increase the amount of overall conversions.

Traditional Marketing

Funny that what was recently leading edge marketing is now called traditional. With all the talk of digital marketing, you’d think traditional marketing had retired. But look around. There are still billboards, TV ads, radio ads, direct demand mail, and collateral (brochures, rack cards, etc.). That’s because all that still works. In fact, studies show that people across all generations retain, share, and remember direct mail more than emails. And, of course, traditional marketing often sends customers straight to digital outlets. So the point is not whether online/mobile (digital) marketing or offline (traditional) marketing is “better”. The point is that they make extremely good marketing partners. And we can provide both of them for you, so your marketing remains consistent across channels.


Like the story of the blind men and the elephant, ask five people what they think brand is and you’ll likely get five answers. For us, the answer is simplicity itself. Your brand is your compelling relationship with your market that engenders the trust that makes them reach for your product, or click on your site, over and above other websites, products and services in the same category. We have the right tools to help you discover and optimize your brand, including:

Brand Discovery: using interviews and questionnaires we explore your company with you. More than your products or services, what is your purpose and meaning to your customers? We’re looking for the “story” that you tell your market and how you back that story up.

Market Research: we use qualitative interviewing techniques, such as “Voice of the Customer” one-on-one interviews, which lead to Brand Insight Reports. This valuable information helps us identify customer wants, needs, and pain points that we can address.

Positioning & Value Propositions: in a crowded marketplace you get a chance to own one piece of “real estate” in the minds of your customers. This is your valuable position. We help you find and define it. With Value Propositions, we create a succinct statement of the highest value(s) that you bring to your customers.

Marketing Persona Creation: once we understand you and your market, we can create “personas” of the people that you communicate with and sell to.

Brand Guides: every communication with your customers needs to tell your brand story consistently. From permitted logo use to brand colors to image types to writing style, the brand guide specifies how to imbue everything you do with your brand.

Brand ID and Marketing: once we know your brand, we know you, your market, and the way we communicate with them via digital and traditional marketing, everything becomes easier.

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